Admission open (2023-24) for B. Pharm, D. Pharm and M. Pharm

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Admission open (2023-24) for B. Pharm, D. Pharm and M. Pharm


Department:- Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis covers basic and advanced, organic and inorganic chemistry, reactions of drugs / intermediates / additives in biological systems, chemistry of drugs, Structure Activity Relationships (SAR), synthesis of drugs and intermediates on laboratory scale and analysis of drugs and raw materials by instrumental, titrimetric and volumetric methods. The applications of theory are taken in the laboratory.

Pharmaceutical- Pharmacognosy

The identification, isolation, cultivation of plants / crude drugs / herbals are studied thoroughly according to traditional / conventional methods in the Dept. of Pharmacognosy. The drugs of plant, animal and marine origin constitute the major part of the subject. The value addition and updating in the subject is done from new and fast emerging era of Biotechnology and Pharmacogenomics.

Department:- Pharmaceutics

The Students of B. Pharm acquire a sufficient understanding of scientific principles and techniques of pharmaceutical sciences together with associated problem solving skills. In order to provide the students with coordinated understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise in all aspects of formulation, dispensing, manufacturing, packing, usage and biopharmaceutical applications of drugs including the study of clinical and hospital pharmacy, medicines, cosmetics and microbiological testing of raw and finished products is covered in the Dept. of Pharmaceutics. The structure and working of machineries used in the formulation and manufacturing is also studied in pharmaceutical engineering. The above all aspect are studied theoretically as well as practically.

Department- Pharmacology

The human anatomy and physiology along with pathophysiological and clinical aspects are taught at beginning of the course. The absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of drugs / mechanism of action and screening of new molecules are studied theoretically as well as practically in animal, models in the third and final year of course under Dept. of Pharmacology.

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